Accurate 3D Reconstruction Using a Turntable-Based and Telecentric Vision


This paper presents a camera + telecentric lens that is able to obtain 3D information. We designed and implemented a method which can register and integrate 3D information captured from different viewpoints to build a complete 3D object model. First, a geometric model of a camera+telecentric lens is established. Then a calibration process using a planar checkerboard is developed and implemented. The object is placed on a rotation stage in front of a stationary camera. Normally the rotation axis is considered to be aligned with camera frame. In the description presented in this paper, the rotation matrix and translation vector of the rotation axis are calibrated. At the same time, a three-dimensional reconstruction system based on contour extraction of objects with dimensions less than 50 mm in diameter is developed. Finally, an analysis of the uncertainty model parameters and performance reconstruction of 3D objects are discussed.



Calibration, Three-dimensional modeling, Automation, Engineering


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