Four Short Public-Education Films on Partners in Museum Environmental Citizenship: The Pas de trois of Sustainability, Aesthetics, and Museum Design




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Sustainability and demonstrated good environmental practice are becoming increasingly valued qualities that public entities such as art museums strive to improve. One consequence of these improvements is that they could help attract grants and donors. In the case of certain improvements, museum designers can legitimately claim that their ecological strategy reduces certain operational costs such as their power bill, reduce the museum’s carbon footprint, and sometimes also benefit the chemical longevity and display appearance of certain art. The creative component of this dissertation consists of four short films (a mini-series) each with a script written in accessible language. In view of my very limited budget, the objective for the four short films is that they be a “proof of concept” project. The films are Light the Magician (about brightly lit art displays), Light the Enemy (about art that is sensitive to light exposure), Landscape Architecture (about what outdoor grounds can add to sustainability) and Sustainability Succeeds (about highly unusual design innovations that benefit sustainability). In the critical essay component, I discuss Sustainability in different museums (Chapter 1), Lighting Design (Chapter 2), Landscape Architecture (Chapter 3), Film Aesthetics and how I made the films (Chapter 4). In Chapter 5, I include my working scripts for the films.



Museums, Museum architecture, Sustainable development, Sustainability