Modeling the Perception of Children's Age from Speech Acoustics



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Acoustical Society of America


Adult listeners were presented with /hVd/ syllables spoken by boys and girls ranging from 5 to 18 years of age. Half of the listeners were informed of the sex of the speaker; the other half were not. Results indicate that veridical age in children can be predicted accurately based on the acoustic characteristics of the talker's voice and that listener behavior is highly predictable on the basis of speech acoustics. Furthermore, listeners appear to incorporate assumptions about talker sex into their estimates of talker age, even when information about the talker's sex is not explicitly provided for them. © 2018 Acoustical Society of America.


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Sound, Speech, Hearing, Sex, Regression analysis, Vowels, Oral communication, Voice, Analysis of variance

National Science Foundation (Grant No. 1124479)


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