The PlaNet-PTN module: a single layer design tool for packet transport networks


PlaNet is a multilayer network planning tool developed at the University of Texas at Dallas. This paper illustrates some of the features of PlaNet-PTN, one of the modules available in the PlaNet tool. PlaNet-PTN can be used to design and plan a single layer packet transport network (PTN). Quality of protection, routing constraints, minimization of the network equipment cost, and user's desired run time of the tool are just some examples of the features available in PlaNet. As shown in the paper, the PlaNet-PTN planning module is able to provide, among others, optimization of Label Switched Path (LSP) routes, link capacity placement, node and link equipment configuration.



PlaNet, Network planning tool, Network cost minimization, Packet transport networks


CC BY 3.0 (Attribution)