A Conversation with Dr. Emily Tobey



A Conversation With Dr. Emily Tobey, the Nelle C. Johnston Chair in Early Childhood Communication Disorders at the UT Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders.

She has been named a Distinguished Lecturer by Sigma Xi, the International Scientific Research Society and serves as the executive chair of the Board of Directors for the Dallas Cochlear Implant Program – a joint enterprise between UT Dallas, UT Southwestern, and Children’s Medical Center.

Her passion to learn more about hearing impairment and speech began in the sixth grade. Her dissertation focused on how well veterans of the Vietnam War could speak after suffering hearing damage from missile explosions during combat. As a graduate student she found herself at the forefront of early cochlear implant research.

Her early experiences sparked a lifelong drive toward understanding and improving the potential for this landmark technology. She is committed to passing on the passion for this work and routinely populates her lab with undergraduate students and other young researchers.



Early childhood development, Cochlear Implants, Communication disorders, Hearing impairment, Tobey, Emily