Study of Orbital Angular Momentum Radio Beams Based on Uniform Circular Antenna Array




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This research focuses on developing uniform circular antenna arrays (UCAs) for the generation and application of orbital angular momentum (OAM) modes at millimeter-wave (mm-wave). Uniform circular arrays offer the potential of implementing a planar compact solution for emulating a twisted wave. In theory, multiple twisted waves can be multiplexed on one channel to increase communication capacity. In this dissertation, four main efforts have been undertaken to advance OAM designs for radio waves. First, an OAM-UCA factor using the cylindrical coordinate system has been derived and simulated in MATLAB, which can give the correct radiation pattern and phase distribution results in seconds, compared to time-consuming electromagnetic (EM) simulation. The OAM-UCA factor has been verified using the simulated and measured results, which shows its correctness. Secondly, based on the OAM-UCA factor and the intrinsic properties of OAM, a quantitative method to verify the OAM mode purity generated by the UCA has been developed. This capability can provide insight to optimize OAM-UCAs without lengthy design efforts. Thirdly, dipole UCAs have been realized for generating OAM mode 1 and 3 at lower E-band (71 to 76 GHz) by using 0.127 mm thickness FR408 substrate. To improve the radiation gain, patch UCAs on a different packaging material have been realized for generating OAM modes 1, 2 and -3. Finally, 8-patch OAM-UCAs have been fabricated for the demonstration of the OAM radio link at the WiFi band (2.4 GHz).



Angular momentum, Antenna arrays, Millimeter wave communication systems


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