A Review of the Relationship Between Federal Entrepreneurship Programs and Regional Development: the Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria (YouWIN) Program




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The economic development across regions in Nigeria have often been described as uneven and polarized due to the historical patterns of placing a larger proportion of infrastructural amenities in few administrative centers. The most prominent of these centers has been Lagos, the nation’s commercial hub and Abuja, the political hub. Literature suggests that these centers would continue to attract entrepreneurs and those in search of economic prosperity. Hence, this research seeks to empirically examine if business survivorship varied with regional location of business, controlling for demographics, award status, business sector and regional development characteristics and if receiving grant funding would increase the likelihood of relocation to large cities. Data from the largest business plan competition in history, the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWIN) program, was used to determine individual and business sector characteristics of entrepreneurs, while data on regional characteristics was obtained from Nigeria Data Portal. Results from the mixed effects logistic regression models found that locating a business in a state with higher economic development in Nigeria does not increase the chance of business survival. Also, entrepreneurs who received YouWIN funding were more likely to remain in the same residence and business location compared to those without YouWIN funding. These findings are a departure from previous studies and anecdotical assumptions, that described locations such as Lagos and Abuja to be catalysts of business longevity due to their advancement in regional development.



Political Science, General