Synergy, Asymmetric Dependence, and Market Entry in Competition




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The main topic of my dissertation centers around understanding the competitive strategy with global context. With this interest, my dissertation focuses on the automobile industry (competition and/or spillover among automakers with product recalls and competition between automakers and their subcontractors) and airlines industry (multimarket competition between major airlines and small new entrants). Besides, I am interested in competitive strategy related to international joint ventures in emerging economies and ethical issues in business. In the first essay, I examine automobile recalls in the U.S. under the influence of automakers’ nationality. The topic of second essay is related to the relationship between a contractor and a subcontractor. I examine when there is asymmetric dependence between firms due to the industry structure, how the more dependent firm improve its performance. Also, the third essay touches the topic related to competitive dynamics and entrepreneurship research with airlines industry particularly about the entry and reaction among low cost carriers.



Marketing ǂx Management, Target marketing, Glocalizaiton, Motor vehicle industry, Aircraft industry