Tech Talk: Art Utilizing Technology
This set includes three items that were produced in conjunction with the opening of the Joan Davidow Collection, in conjunction with the opening of the Edith O'Donnell Arts and Technology Building. The donation consists of sixteen works of art: "one drawing, five prints, four photographs, two videos, and four mixed media sculptures." The works of two UT Dallas students and two faculty are included in the collection. Together with the poster images of a postcard invitation to come to the opening and reception and a guide to the collection, including pictures of most of the works, are included here.
Davidow, Joan, Pomara, John, Connell, Kelli, Cross, Hunter, Fisher, Vernon, Glass, Sally, Harris, Tracy, Jennings, Lawrence, Mahaffy, Karen, Monroe, Mark, Orr, Tom, Slocum, Paul, Stautberg, Ann, Szafranski, David, Yahav-Brown, Danny
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