Study of J /ψ → pp̅φ at BESIII


Using a data sample of 1.31 × 10⁹ J/ψ events accumulated with the BESIII detector, the decay J/ψ → pp̅φ is studied via two decay modes, φ → K_S⁰K_L⁰ and φ → K⁺K⁻. The branching fraction of J/ψ → pp̅φ is measured to be ℬ(J/ψ → pp̅φ) = [5.23 ± 0.06(stat) ± 0.33(syst)] x 10⁻⁵, which agrees well with a previously published measurement, but with a significantly improved precision. No evident enhancement near the pp̅ mass threshold, denoted as X(pp̅), is observed, and the upper limit on the branching fraction of J/ψ → X(pp̅)φ → pp̅φ is determined to be ℬ(J/ψ → X(pp̅)φ → pp̅φ) < 2.1 × 10⁻⁷ at the 90% confidence level.



Branching fractions (Nuclear physics), Hadrons—Decay, Causality (Physics), Mesons—Decay, J/ψ (J/psi) meson, Mass (Physics)


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