Decentralized IoT Data Management Using BlockChain and Trusted Execution Environment



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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


Due to the centralization of authority in the management of data generated by IoT devices, there is a lack of transparency in how user data is being shared among third party entities. With the popularity of adoption of blockchain technology, which provide decentralized management of assets such as currency as seen in Bitcoin, we propose a decentralized system of data management for IoT devices where all data access permission is enforced using smart contracts and the audit trail of data access is stored in the blockchain. With smart contracts applications, multiple parties can specify rules to govern their interactions which is independently enforced in the blockchain without the need for a centralized system. We provide a framework that store the hash of the data in the blockchain and store the raw data in a secure storage platform using trusted execution environment (TEE). In particular, we consider Intel SGX as a part of TEE that ensure data security and privacy for sensitive part of the application (code and data).


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Blockchains (Databases), Internet of things, Computer security, Data integration (Computer science), Computer storage devices, Data protection

NSF award #1513704, AFOSR award FA9550-14-1-0173, ONR awards N00014-14-1-0030 and N00014-17-1-2295.


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