Large-Eddy Simulations of Two In-Line Turbines in a Wind Tunnel with Different Inflow Conditions


Numerical simulations reproducing a wind tunnel experiment on two in-line wind turbines have been performed. The flow features and the array performances have been evaluated in different inflow conditions. Following the experimental setup, different inlet conditions are obtained by simulating two grids upstream of the array. The increased turbulence intensity due to the grids improves the wake recovery and the efficiency of the second turbine. However, the inlet grid induces off-design operation on the first turbine, decreasing the efficiency and increasing fatigue loads. Typical grid flow patterns are observed past the rotor of the first turbine, up to the near wake. Further downstream, the signature of the grid on the flow is quite limited. An assessment of numerical modeling aspects (subgrid scale tensor and rotor parameterization) has been performed by comparison with the experimental measurements.



Wind turbines, Turbulence, Wakes (Aerodynamics), Boundary layer, entrainment, Eddies--Simulation methods

NSF PIRE WINDINSPIRE (grant No. 1243482)


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