The Genesis Vent: Blower and Valve Based Ventilator Design for COVID-19 Patient



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During a time where COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, mechanical ventilators are sought to help those in respiratory distress caused by the coronavirus, and different low-cost mechanical ventilators have been extensively discussed and proposed. Ventilators are one of the few weapons against the coronavirus for patients in a critical state. One major problem is that ventilators are very scarce in America and in the world, and the fact that the number of coronavirus cases are surging means that people around the globe are in vital need of ventilators. The goal of this thesis is to review existing design solutions of mechanical ventilators and propose a simplified design that functions in similar way to high-end ventilators with few basic operation modes. Furthermore, the thesis will address how to build the low-cost ventilator using common commercial devices and electronics for scenarios such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposed design in this thesis consists of two blowers, servo motor valves, an Arduino, air filters for both inspiratory and expiratory lines and other electronics, which have all been tested using methods available to people in the comfort of their own homes, during social distancing. The proposed design is 3D printed, integrated with a mechatronic system, and evaluated for initial performance. The design is simple, yet effective in providing positive and negative airway pressure through the use of two 12V blowers and will hopefully provide life-saving assistance to many people around the world when it is further developed.



COVID-19 (Disease), COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020-, Coronavirus infections, Three-dimensional printing, Respirators (Medical equipment), Pressure transducers, Manometers