Defining the Dimensional Variation Among Federations: Comparative Analyses of the Effects of Federalism




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Operationalization of institutions has long been viewed in academic research as whether a state is democratic or not. This narrow focus on only one potential institution leaves significant areas under-analyzed. A more nuanced understanding of institutional effects requires researchers to control for alternative institutions. This research specifically examines the institution of federalism and its effect in key areas of international relations and comparative federal effects. The first substantive chapter develops an alternative classification system for federations by employing an additional measure of decentralization; judicial decentralization. Qualitative examinations of select states provide the methodology with which different federal structures are examined along with how they fit within the new typology matrix. The next substantive section explores federalism and its effects on foreign direct investment using panel regressions with data from a sample of states between 1999 and 2011. The final substantive chapter in the series consists of a comparative examination of decisions to participate or withdraw from international organizations (IOs). This chapter employs a Bayesian analysis of multi-wave survey data regarding the United Kingdom (UK) withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit).



Federal government, Decentralization in government, International relations, Investments, Foreign, International agencies


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