Study of Nonlinear Phenomena in Power Electronic Circuits and Electric Motion Systems





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The power electronic circuits and electric motion systems are among the most representative types of dynamical systems which are ubiquitous in a variety of commercial products in modern industry. Apart from the normal operation, under certain parametric settings, a range of complex dynamic behaviors can be observed in these systems. This dissertation presents the comprehensive investigation of bifurcations and chaos in the electronic/power electronic circuits and motor drive systems including Chua’s circuit, switched mode DC-DC power converters, and the switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive employing digital speed regulator and hysteresis current controller. By conducting the mathematical modelling, stability analysis, simulation and experimental tests including the time-domain and frequency-domain analyses, phase portraits, and bifurcation diagrams, the characteristics and mechanisms of the nonlinear behaviors in these systems have been uncovered. The presented study can provide scholars and engineers with critical insight to the nonlinear dynamics within the electronic/power electronic circuits and electric motion systems, and also serve as a valuable reference for practical design of these systems.



Bifurcation theory, Electric current converters, DC-to-DC converters, Nonlinear control theory, Reluctance motors, Chaotic behavior in systems


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