Laser Post-Processing of Halide Perovskites for Enhanced Photoluminescence and Absorbance


Hybrid halide perovskites have emerged as one of the most promising type of materials for thin-film photovoltaic and light-emitting devices. Further boosting their performance is critically important for commercialization. Here we use femtosecond laser for post-processing of organo-metalic perovskite (MAPbI3) films. The high throughput laser approaches include both ablative silicon nanoparticles integration and laser-induced annealing. By using these techniques, we achieve strong enhancement of photoluminescence as well as useful light absorption. As a result, we observed experimentally 10-fold enhancement of absorbance in a perovskite layer with the silicon nanoparticles. Direct laser annealing allows for increasing of photoluminescence over 130%, and increase absorbance over 300% in near-IR range. We believe that the developed approaches pave the way to novel scalable and highly effective designs of perovskite based devices.



Solar cells, Perovskite, Thin films, Femtosecond lasers, Photoluminescence, Light absorption, Nanophotonics, Optics, Plasmonics

Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation (grant № 14.Y26.31.0010).


CC BY 3.0 (Attribution), Copyright information is not available.