White-Collar Crime Is Crime: Victims Hurt Just the Same



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No abstract available. From the beginning of the article: "Scholars examining public perceptions of crime seriousness have long shown, through their findings, that white‐collar crimes are considered as equally serious as many street crimes. Likewise, these scholars have also shown that respondents support, at times, harsh criminal sanctions for white‐collar crimes, especially for those that inflict physical harm. In a variety of victimization reports, the findings continue to show that “white‐collar crime” is a growing problem in terms of both the numbers of people affected as well as the amount of harm caused to these victims. For example, the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 7% of persons 16 years of age or older (an estimated 17.6 million people) were victims of identity theft in 2014. Even more recently, an estimate by Javelin Strategy and Research showed that the costs of identity theft or fraud were somewhere near $16 billion (nearly $1 billion more than they found in 2015). As a point of comparison, the gross domestic product of Iceland is approximately $20 billion dollars."


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White collar crimes, Offenses against the person, Offenses against property, Punishment


National Institute of Justice. Grant Number: NIJ-2016-9880


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