Fabrication of Micro-Patterned Surface for Pool-Boiling Enhancement by Using Powder Injection Molding Process



In this study, two kinds of copper micro-patterned surfaces with different heights were fabricated by using a powder injection molding (PIM) process. The micro-pattern's size was 100 μm, and the gap size was 50 μm. The short micro-pattern's height was 100 μm, and the height of the tall one was 380 m. A copper powder and wax-polymer-based binder system was used to fabricate the micro-patterned surfaces. The critical heat flux (CHF) and heat transfer coefficient (HTC) during pool-boiling tests were measured with the micro-patterned surfaces and a reference plain copper surface. The CHF of short and tall micro-patterned surfaces were 1434 and 1444 kW/m², respectively, and the plain copper surface's CHF was 1191 kW/m². The HTC of the plain copper surface and the PIM surface with short and tall micro-patterned surfaces were similar in value up to a heat flux 1000 kW/m². Beyond that value, the plain surface quickly reached its CHF, while the HTC of the short micro-patterned surface achieved higher values than that of the tall micro-patterned surface. At CHF, the maximum values of HTC for the short micro-pattern, tall micro-pattern, and the plain copper surface were 68, 58, and 57 kW/m² K.



Powder injection molding, Heat—Transmission, Copper, Critical heat flux, Nusselt number


POSCO, grant number 4.0013805.01


CC BY 4.0 (Attribution), ©2019 The Authors