Functionalization and Dispersion Stability Study of Graphene Materials in 2K Urethane Coating System and Expanded Interlayer Spacing of Vanadium Oxide Nanomaterials for Energy Storage Applications




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Synthesis and functionalization of nanomaterials has been studied for the application towards energy storage (V₂O₅) or corrosion protection (graphene). We took advantage of the hydrophobic and barrier properties present in graphene through including pristine and functionalized graphene materials in different 2K coating systems and observing their effects on corrosion protection. Vanadium oxide nanofibers and nanoflowers were also synthesized with increased interlayer, or d-spacing. During synthesis we observed the effects the concentration of surfactant (SDBS) and cobaltocenium hexafluorophosphate has on the ability to control and expand the d-spacing of the V₂O₅ nanomaterials. These materials will then be studied as electrodes in supercapacitors.



Graphene, Urethane, Polyols, Isocyanates, Epoxy resins, Dispersion strengthening, Vanadium oxide, Nanofibers, Supercapacitors


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