Artificial Theaters: Staging Life in the Age of Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence



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The use of artificial intelligence and biotechnology in art has led to a radical reformulation of theater as living performance. These technoscientific practices have displaced the subject of performance and produced various new discourses: In this study, I propose to make use of these practices to expand the frame of theatricality to the realm of artificial life art. The displacements operated by means of theatricality in the artistic field are taking place both on the level of the artworks and the level of discourse. In light of such operations, we see the potential of transformation relying on the use of these materials in theatrical aesthetics, as well as the obstacles found in them. Taking place between the arts and the technosciences, the study proves that the theatricality of technological works relies on the artifice of language.



Artificial life, Biotechnology, Computers in the theater