FOGPLAN: A Lightweight QoS-Aware Dynamic Fog Service Provisioning Framework




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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


Recent advances in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and machine learning have contributed to the rise of a growing number of complex applications. These applications will be data-intensive, delay-sensitive, and real-time as smart devices prevail more in our daily life. Ensuring quality of service (QoS) for delay-sensitive applications is a must, and fog computing is seen as one of the primary enablers for satisfying such tight QoS requirements, as it puts compute, storage, and networking resources closer to the user. In this paper, we first introduce FOGPLAN, a framework for QoS-aware dynamic fog service provisioning (QDFSP). QDFSP concerns the dynamic deployment of application services on fog nodes, or the release of application services that have previously been deployed on fog nodes, in order to meet low latency and QoS requirements of applications while minimizing cost. FOGPLAN framework is practical and operates with no assumptions and minimal information about IoT nodes. Next, we present a possible formulation (as an optimization problem) and two efficient greedy algorithms for addressing the QDFSP at one instance of time. Finally, the FOGPLAN framework is evaluated using a simulation based on real-world traffic traces. © 2019 IEEE.



Internet of things, Cloud computing, Quality of service (Computer networks), Telecommunication--Information services


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