Cooperative and non-cooperative ARQ protocols for microwave recharged sensor nodes




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The University of Texas at Dallas


The Generic Autonomous Platform for Sensor Systems, or GAP4S, is a maintenance-free wireless sensor network in which the sensor battery needs not be replaced. Power is delivered to the sensor via a microwave signal that is radiated by a base-station. The base-station also acts as the entry point to a wider communication network, e.g., the Internet. This paper describes three automatic retransmission request (ARQ) protocols that may be used in GAP4S to yield reliable and fair data transmission from the sensor nodes to the base-station. Two of the protocols take advantage of cooperative communication, whereby neighboring sensor nodes help during the retransmission process. The analysis presented on the saturation throughput of the ARQ protocols helps quantify the gain achievable when cooperative communication is used in GAP4S in a variety of working conditions.


"This research was supported in part by NSF Grants No. ANI-0082085 and ECS-0225528."


Automatic retransmission request protocols, Cooperative communicaiton, Wireless communication systems, Generic autonomous platform for sensor systems


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