Men's Basketball, 1999-2000

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Program contains messages from Dr. Franklyn Jenifer, UTD President, and Mary Walters, Director of Athletics. Athletic Depatment staff mentioned include Ray Farrell, Jerry Lokken, Preston Hill, Meredith Brandon, Chris DeFelice, Al Hanson, Rachelle Leonard, Jason Samuels, Jack Pell, Bob Luedtke and John Antonisse. The team roster consists of Chad Bagnell, Steven Beechum, Greg Foster, Joey Hadnot, Brent Harrolle, Tim Lazarus, Raymond Lee, Chad Martinez, Justin St. Julian, Corey Swan, Sandjiri Sy, Brian Thomas and Jason Walker. Shown on the front cover are Chris DeFelice (assistant coach), Jason Walker (#44), Greg Foster (#23), Tim Lazarus (#40), Brian Thomas (#33), Chad Bagnell (#42), Brent Harrolle (#32), SandJiri Sy (#41), Al Hanson (assistant coach), Ray Farrell (head coach), Greg Foster (#23), Justin St. Julian (#35), Corey Swan (#3), Chad Martinez (#5), Joey Hadnot (#24) and Steven Beechum (#21).
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