Personnel Policies, Educator Labor Markets and Student Achievement


August 2023


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The dissertation consists of three chapters on the impacts of personnel policies on educator labor market outcomes and student achievements. The first two essays study effects on teachers and students of an educational reform which dramatically alter the way how educators are evaluated and compensated. These two papers introduce the integrated system which include two parts - Teachers Excellence Initiative (TEI) and Principal Excellence Initiative (PEI) - and which were introduced in the school year 2014-2015 and the school year 2012-2013, respectively. The system links educator’s compensation with their effectiveness to improve student academic proficiency. The goal of the school district is to bring highly effective teachers to every student to ensure their success in the schools. By applying the regression discontinuity design (RDD) and constructing the difference-in-discontinuities estimates, the first chapter finds that the lower salary increases the likelihood of teacher leaving the school district. Second, receiving a lower salary because of a lower rating shows a slightly positive effect on teacher’s subsequent performance. The second chapter uses the method of synthetic control analysis to show that the educator reforms have a significantly positive effect on grade 3 to 8 student math achievements. The last paper looks at the effectiveness of principals who are believed to be an important factor to both teacher workforce and student achievement. This chapter uses the administrative data across six states to examine both variations in principal effectiveness and the relationship between principial effectiveness and their pathways. It finds variation in principal effectiveness across states and that the prior administrative or teaching experience is not related to the principal effectiveness that is measured by the estimates of value-added.



Economics, Labor, Economics, General