You, Seung M.

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Seung You joined the UT Dallas faculty in 2013 and is Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He also serves as an associate department head. Dr. You has extensive experience in thermal science. He has developed an experimental method to investigate nucleate boiling heat transfer mechanisms by measuring departing bubbles' frequency, size, and velocity. He also proposed the use of nanofluids and nanoporous structures for enhancing Critical Heat Flux, and invented a novel microporous coating that modifies the microstructure of surfaces resulting in a significant boiling and evaporation heat transfer improvement. His innovative micro/nano-scale thermal science technologies have contributed to thermal management in electronic components and energy-efficient sustainable design of thermal systems. His current research interests include:

  • 3-D embedded thermal management using digital microfluidics thermal ground planes
  • Portable evaporative refrigerator for vaccine delivery
  • Enhancing multiple effect distillation (MED) by microporous coating
  • Superhydrophilic nanoporous coating process by nucleation
  • Convective heat transfer and fluid flow
  • Nucleate boiling heat transfer
  • Thermal management of high-heat-flux microelectronics
  • Heat transfer in thermal energy systems


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