Nadin, Mihai

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Mihai Nadin holds the Ashbel Smith Professorship in Interactive Arts, Technology, and Computer Science. His areas of specialization include:

  • Computer graphics and arts (he founded and directed the world's first Computational Design Program)
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Visualization
  • Semiotics
  • Anticipatory systems (including anticipation/anticipatory systems and anticipatory computation)
Dr. Nadin also serves as the director of antÉ, the Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems.


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    Design and Semiotics
    Nadin, Mihai; 0000 0000 6299 2245 (Nadin, M); 81092031 (Nadin, M); 37856172 (Nadin, M)
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    The Cognitive Condition of Design
    (2015-04-09) Nadin, Mihai; Chandrasekaran, B; MacNeil, Ronald; Mitchell, William; Rheinfrank, John J., III; Whitney, Patrick; 0000 0000 6299 2245 (Nadin, M); 81092031 (Nadin, M); 37856172 (Nadin, M); Zaff, Brian S.; Branham, Ruth; Branham, Richard; Cavalier, Todd; Chen, Shenchang E.; Cherian, Lisa C.; Davies, John C.; Dilnot, Clive; Emery, John F.; Ettinger, Linda; Evans, Susan; Goihl, Cameille; Gorski, Richard K.; Guindon, Raymonde; Ho, Ming-Chylian; Hollinger, Wendy Allyn; Justice, Lorraine; Killen, Judith; Kirwin, David; Krippendorf, Klaus; Leinbach, Charles; McCleary, George F., Jr.; Maegert, Peter; Miller, Richard A.; Mullet, Kevin E.; Nasar, Jack L.; Novak, Marcos; O'Grady, James O.; Powell, Earl; Rice, Duane; Rolfe, Laura; Sanders, Elizabeth; Sears, Ronald J.; Sepetys, George N.; Snediker, David K.; Svet, David; Tahn, Whei-Tsu; van Bakergem, David; van Dijk, Hans; van Dijk, Susan; Waldron, Manjula B.; Wilcox, Stephen B.; Zahner, Carol
    On March 26 and 27, 1987 graphic, product and interior designers, architects, city and regional planners, psychologists, computer scientists, students and others interested in the issues surrounding design met to discuss the cognitive condition of design. There was at this symposium no formal presentations or scholarly papers, but rather the free and open exchange of ideas concerning the range of activities that have as their common denominator design.

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