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Dr. Dowling is a professor of Psychology in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences and head of the Dowling Laboratory. His research primarily focuses on music cognition and development. Specifically he is interested in perception and memory of musical organization patterns. Learn more about Dr. Dowling's studies on his home and Research Explorer pages.


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    Working Memory for Tonal and Atonal Sequences During a Forward and a Backward Recognition Task
    Schulze, K.; Dowling, W. Jay; Tillmann, B.; 0000 0001 1724 8529 (Dowling, WJ); 85000790‏ (Dowling, WJ)
    We investigated working memory (WM ) performance for tone sequences that either respected musical regularities (tonal sequences) or did not (atonal sequences) using a forward and a backward recognition task. Participants indicated whether two sequences were the same or different, with "same" being defined as all tones played correctly in either the same order (forward task) or backward order (backward task). For the forward task, nonmusician and musician participants showed better performance for tonal than for atonal sequences, therefore supporting the hypothesis that musically structured material increased WM performance during maintenance of tone information. For the backward task, neither nonmusicians nor musicians showed better performance for tonal compared to atonal sequences. Our findings suggest that musical structure influences WM for tones during maintenance (forward recognition task), but not during manipulation (backward recognition task). © 2012 by the regents of the university of california all rights reserved.

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