Hooshyar, M. Ali

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M. Ali Hooshyar is a Professor of Mathematical Sciences. His research interests include:

  • Scattering Theory
  • Inverse Scattering Theory with Geophysical and Optical Applications
  • Fission
  • Wave Propagation


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    An Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Problem for Dielectrics that Depend on Two Spatial Variables via Eikonal Approximation
    (John Wiley and Sons Inc.) Chika, Charles E.; Hooshyar, M. Ali; 0000-0003-2178-1267 (Hooshyar, MA); 64336153 (Hooshyar, MA); Chika, Charles E.; Hooshyar, M. Ali
    A noniterative and efficient method is developed to recover refractive index of a medium which is a function of only two spatial variables from the information on forward scattering amplitude for electromagnetic plane waves incident at different angles and frequencies. To test implementation feasibility of the proposed method and its performance, some preliminary numerical calculations are presented. ©2019 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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