Bartlett, James C.

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Dr. James Bartlett is Professor and Program Head of Cognition and Neuroscience. His research interests are in the general area of nonverbal cognition with specific projects focused on:

  • Human aging and memory
  • Long-term memory for faces
  • Perception of faces
  • Eyewitness memory
  • Music cognition
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    Expertise and Processing Distorted Structure in Chess
    Bartlett, James C.; Boggan, Amy L.; Krawczyk, Daniel C.; 0000 0000 2840 6396 (Bartlett, JC); 85269816 (Bartlett)
    A classic finding in research on human expertise and knowledge is that of enhanced memory for stimuli in a domain of expertise as compared to either stimuli outside that domain, or within-domain stimuli that have been degraded or distorted in some way. However, we do not understand how experts process degradation or distortion of stimuli within the expert domain (e.g., a face with the eyes, nose, and mouth in the wrong positions, or a chessboard with pieces placed randomly). Focusing on the domain of chess, we present new fMRI evidence that when experts view such distorted/within-domain stimuli, they engage an active search for structure-a kind of exploratory chunking-that involves a component of a prefrontal-parietal network linked to consciousness, attention and working memory.;