Callier Center for Communication Disorders

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The UT Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders is a 110,000 square foot research and clinical facility with two locations. Callier research labs contain specialized instrumentation and advanced technology for studying communication and its disorders throughout the lifespan. Callier Center Dallas, located on Inwood Road next to the UT Southwestern Medical Center, houses offices, classrooms, clinical facilities, a child development program, and research laboratories for Callier Center faculty. Callier Center Dallas is home to the Callier Advanced Hearing Research Center, which houses state-of-the-art equipment for assessing auditory capabilities of children and adults, in addition to research laboratories devoted to the study of hearing aids, speech and language of children and adults using cochlear implants, and central auditory system processing. Callier Center Richardson, located on the campus of UT Dallas, houses offices, classrooms, clinical facilities and research laboratories for Callier Center faculty.


New Callier Center Test Catches Cause of Balance Issues.
The Callier Center is one of the few facilities in North Texas that has the capability to provide a full battery of tests for problems associated with dizziness, balance or uncontrollable eye movements.


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