Jason Jue is a Professor of Computer Science. In 2002 he won the National Science Foundation's CAREER award for his research on optical networks. His research interests include:

  • Optical Network Design and Planning
  • Optical Network Virtualization
  • Software Defined Optical Networks
  • Multi-Domain Optical Networks
  • Network Survivability
  • Impairment-Aware Optical Networking
  • Optical Network Control and Management
  • Optical Multicasting
  • Optical Packet and Burst Switching
  • Energy-Efficient Networking
  • Delay-Tolerant Networks
  • Wireless and Sensor Networks

Recent Submissions

  • Proactive Dynamic Network Slicing with Deep Learning Based Short-Term Traffic Prediction for 5G Transport Network 

    Guo, Qize; Gu, Rentao; Wang, Zihao; Zhao, Tianyi; Ji, Yuefeng; Kong, Jian; Gour, Riti; Jue, Jason P. (IEEE, 2019-03-03)
    We propose a proactive dynamic network slicing scheme that utilizes a deep-learning based short-term traffic prediction approach for 5G transport networks. The demonstration shows utilization efficiency improvement from ...
  • FOGPLAN: A Lightweight QoS-Aware Dynamic Fog Service Provisioning Framework 

    Yousefpour, Ashkan; Patil, Ashish; Ishigaki, Genya; Kim, I.; Wang, X.; Cankaya, H. C.; Zhang, Q.; Xie, W.; Jue, Jason P. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-01-30)
    Recent advances in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and machine learning have contributed to the rise of a growing number of complex applications. These applications will be data-intensive, delay-sensitive, ...
  • Guaranteed-Availability Network Function Virtualization in Inter-Datacenter Networks 

    Kong, Jian; Kim, I.; Wang, X.; Zhang, Q.; Xie, W.; Cankaya, H. C.; Wang, N.; Ikeuchi, T.; Jue, Jason P.
    Considering the availability of the datacenter's network elements, we propose a coordinated protection mechanism that adopts both backup path protection and SFC replicas distributed among datacenters to support high ...
  • Embedding Chains of Virtual Network Functions in Inter-Datacenter Networks 

    Kobayashi, H.; Ishigaki, Genya; Gour, Riti; Jue, Jason P.; Shinomiya, N.
    This paper discusses the problem of embedding service function chains (SFCs) in an interconnected network with multiple datacenter sites. The problem is formulated as a Subtopology Composition Problem (SCP), which is to ...