Partially Fluorinated Oxo-Alkoxide Tungsten(VI) Complexes as Precursors for Deposition of WOx Nanomaterials


The partially fluorinated oxo-alkoxide tungsten(VI) complexes WO(OR) 4 [4; R = C(CH3)2CF3, 5; R = C(CH3)(CF3)2] have been synthesized as precursors for chemical vapour deposition (CVD) of WOx nanocrystalline material. Complexes 4 and 5 were prepared by salt metathesis between sodium salts of the fluoroalkoxides and WOCl4. Crystallographic structure analysis allows comparison of the bonding in 4 and 5 as the fluorine content of the fluoroalkoxide ligands is varied. Screening of 5 as a CVD precursor by mass spectrometry and thermogravimetric analysis was followed by deposition of WOx nanorods.



WOx nanomaterials, Ligands, Chemical vapor deposition (CVD), Tetramethylsilane

National Science Foundation (CHE-1213965)


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Bonsu, R. O., H. Kim, C. O'Donohue, R. Y. Korotkov, et al. 2014. "Partially fluorinated oxo-alkoxide tungsten(VI) complexes as precursors for deposition of WOx nanomaterials." Dalton Transactions 43(24): 9226-9233.