Energies of the X- and L-Valleys in In(0.53)Ga(0.47) as from Electronic Structure Calculations



Several theoretical electronic structure methods are applied to study the relative energies of the minima of the X- and L-conduction-band satellite valleys of In(x)Ga(1-x)As with x = 0.53. This III-V semiconductor is a contender as a replacement for silicon in high-performance n-type metal-oxide-semiconductor transistors. The energy of the low-lying valleys relative to the conduction-band edge governs the population of channel carriers as the transistor is brought into inversion, hence determining current drive and switching properties at gate voltages above threshold. The calculations indicate that the position of the L-and X-valley minima are ~1 eV and ~1.2 eV, respectively, higher in energy with respect to the conduction-band minimum at the Γ-point.


Includes erratum


Semiconductors, Crystals, Monte Carlo method, Sphalerite, Alloys


Sponsored in part by a grant from the European Union project DEEPEN (NMR 2013-1.4-1 grant agreement (604416)


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