Transdisciplinary Intelligence : Linking Factors of Knowledge Production and the Cultural Dimensions of Industries



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This research project developed metrics, tools, and a training program that help experts from different fields and diverse publics to collaborate on finding hidden insights for future-making and on solving the wicked problems of the world. Current transdisciplinary practices and tools in this area have a limited scope, mostly concentrated in the fields of translational medicine and environmental sciences. This project blends together research trends and theoretical discourses from a wide array of academic fields to build the Transdisciplinary Intelligence (TDIQ) framework, a cohesive and complementary theory of transdisciplinary knowledge production and the societal impact of industry. The framework includes a double-helix training program consisting of an apprenticeship and a simulation meant to prepare individuals for transdisciplinary work. The framework also offers a portfolio of quantitative and qualitative instruments to measure the Transdisciplinary Intelligence of individuals, collectives, organizations, and other networks, as well as a Transdisciplinary Intelligence Inventory that assesses the context/environment in which these actors operate. This Transdisciplinary Intelligence approach to knowledge production, innovation, and problem-solving stands to benefit a variety of stakeholders, such as research institutions, innovation-focused organizations, policy-makers, and governmental agencies. The results from the research herein have implications for higher education, research practices, training for the jobs of tomorrow, and the co-production and co-design of desirable futures.



Technological innovations, Science ǂx Philosophy, Organizational behavior, Interdisciplinary research