A Measurement of the Ratio of the Production Cross Sections for W and Z Bosons in Association with Jets with the ATLAS Detector



The ratio of the production cross sections for W and Z bosons in association with jets has been measured in proton–proton collisions at√s = TeV with the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. The measurement is based on the entire 2011 dataset, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of4.6fb-1. Inclusive and differential cross-section ratios for massive vector bosons decaying to electrons and muons are measured in association with jets with transverse momentum pT > 30GeV and jet rapidity |y|<4.4. The measurements are compared to next-to-leading-order perturbative QCD calculations and to predictions from different Monte Carlo generators implementing leading-order matrix elements supplemented by parton showers.



Proton-proton interactions, Jets (Nuclear physics), Z bosons, W bosons, Momentum (Physics)



CC BY 4.0 (Attribution), ©2014 CERN, for the ATLAS Collaboration