A Novel Virus-Inducible Enhancer of the Interferon-β Gene with Tightly Linked Promoter and Enhancer Activities




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Long-range enhancers of transcription are a key component of the genomic regulatory architecture. Recent studies have identified bi-directionally transcribed RNAs emanating from these enhancers known as eRNAs. However, it remains unclear how tightly coupled eRNA production is with enhancer activity. Through our systematic search for long-range elements that interact with the interferon-beta gene, a model system for studying inducible transcription, we have identified a novel enhancer, which we have named L2 that regulates the expression of interferon-beta. We have demonstrated its virus-inducible enhancer activity by analyzing epigenomic profiles, transcription factor association, nascent RNA production and activity in reporter assays. This enhancer exhibits intimately linked virus-inducible enhancer and bidirectional promoter activity that is largely dependent on a conserved Interferon Stimulated Response Element and robustly generates virus inducible eRNAs. Notably, its enhancer and promoter activities are fully retained in reporter assays even upon a complete elimination of its associated eRNA sequences. Finally, we show that L2 regulates IFNB1 expression by siRNA knockdown of eRNAs, and the deletion of L2 in a BAC transfection assay. Thus, L2 is a novel enhancer that regulates IFNB1 and whose eRNAs exert significant activity in vivo that is distinct from those activities recapitulated in the luciferase reporter assays.


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Interferon, beta 1 (ifnb1), Chromatin, Gene regulation, Epigenetics, Luciferases


National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [R21AI107067]; National Cancer Institute [R01CA140485]; National Institutes of Health Training Grant [T32M007499]. Funding for open access charge: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [R21AI107067].


CC BY 4.0 (Attribution), ©2014 The Authors