Innovative SU-8 Lithography Techniques and Their Applications



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SU-8 has been widely used in a variety of applications for creating structures in micro-scale as well as sub-micron scales for more than 15 years. One of the most common structures made of SU-8 is tall (up to millimeters) high-aspect-ratio (up to 100: 1) 3D microstructure, which is far better than that made of any other photoresists. There has been a great deal of efforts in developing innovative unconventional lithography techniques to fully utilize the thick high aspect ratio nature of the SU-8 photoresist. Those unconventional lithography techniques include inclined ultraviolet (UV) exposure, back-side UV exposure, drawing lithography, and moving-mask UV lithography. In addition, since SU-8 is a negative-tone photoresist, it has been a popular choice of material for multiple-photon interference lithography for the periodic structure in scales down to deep sub-microns such as photonic crystals. These innovative lithography techniques for SU-8 have led to a lot of unprecedented capabilities for creating unique micro-and nano-structures. This paper reviews such innovative lithography techniques developed in the past 15 years or so.



SU-8, Lithography, Microstructure, Photoresists, Photonic crystals


CC BY 4.0 (Attribution), ©2014 The Authors


Lee, Jeong Bong, Kyung-Hak Choi, and Koangki Yoo. 2015. "Innovative SU-8 lithography techniques and their applications." Micromachines 6(1): 1-18.