A 25-MHz Four-Phase SAW Hysteretic Control DC-DC Converter with 1-Cycle Active Phase Count




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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.



In order to meet stringent power requirements in modern application processors, a 25-MHz four-phase dc-dc power converter is presented. It employs an adaptive window hysteretic control to facilitate ultra-fast transient response and minimize output voltage (VO) undershoot and overshoot during load transient periods. Inherent clock synchronization ability ensures current balancing between phase sub-converters. The control also enables a wide range of programmable VO for dynamic voltage/frequency scaling. To maintain high efficiency over a wide power range without degrading transient speed, a 1-cycle active phase count scheme is introduced. A design prototype was fabricated in a 0.35-μm CMOS process with an active die of 1.88 mm2. Simple circuit structure benefits a power density of 3.98 W/mm2. At a switching frequency of 25 MHz and a nominal input of 3.3 V, it regulates a programmable VO ranging from 0.3 to 2.5 V. It achieves more than 80% efficiency over 96.7% of power range with a peak value of 88.1%. In response to 4-A load step-up/down, it achieves 103 mV/123 mV VO undershoot/overshoot with 1% settling time of 190 ns/237 ns, respectively. ©2019 IEEE.


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Synchronization--Clocks and watches, Converters, Switch mode power, Electric inverters, Hysteresis, Mechanical clocks and watches, Transients (Dynamics)--Analysis, DC-to-DC converters



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