Harrington, James R.

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James Harrington is an Associate Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management. His areas of specialization include:

  • Accountability Reforms
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Data Usage
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Social Media
  • Education Governance


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    Understanding the Link between Organizational Communication and Innovation: An Examination of Public, Nonprofit, and For-Profit Organizations in South Korea
    (Sage Publications Inc) Suh, Jiwon; Harrington, James R.; Goodman, Doug; 310632350 (Harrington, JR); 53479748 (Goodman, G); ; Suh, Jiwon; Harrington, James R.; Goodman, Doug
    Innovation and internal communication are essential for any successful organization. Although communication within organizations has long been studied in the for-profit sector, we still know little about the impact of communication types on innovation in the public and nonprofit sectors. To examine this question, we leverage and construct a longitudinal dataset using 5 years of the Korean Workplace Panel Survey (KWPS) from 2005 to 2013. Employing media richness theory, this study finds that internal communication positively influences innovation in the for-profit sector, which is a finding consistent with prior studies. Similarly, in the nonprofit sector, we find that meeting with the executive director and the number of communication channels utilized in an organization has a positive impact on innovation. However, we do not find that these communications have any impact in the public sector.

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