Al₂O₃ on WSe₂ by Ozone Based Atomic Layer Deposition: Nucleation and Interface Study


In this work, the atomic layer deposition process using ozone and trimethylaluminum (TMA) for the deposition of Al₂O₃ films on WSe₂ was investigated. It was found that the ozone-based atomic layer deposition enhanced the nucleation of Al₂O₃ in comparison to the water/TMA process. In addition, the chemistry at the Al₂O₃ / WSe₂ interface and the surface morphology of the Al₂O₃ films exhibited a dependence on the deposition temperature. A non-covalent functionalizing effect of ozone on WSe₂ at low deposition temperatures 30 ⁰C was identified which prevented the formation of pinholes in the Al₂O₃ films. These findings aim to provide an approach to obtain high-quality gate dielectrics on WSe₂ for two-dimensional transistor applications.


Includes supplementary material.


Dielectrics, Crystallography, Air--Pollution, Semimetals, Atomic layer deposition, Chemicals, Thin films


CC BY 4.0 (Attribution), ©2017 The Authors