Ethno-Racial Similarity, Relationship Conflict and Trust in Supervisor-Subordinate Dyads




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Purpose In management research, little is known about how ethno-racial minority leaders interact with similar employees in supervisor-subordinate relationships. This study aims to examine and provide a deeper understanding of individuals' negative reactions to similar others, thus highlighting the double-edged nature of demographic similarity which has historically predicted positive affective reactions. Design/methodology/approach Using a survey design, the authors `f trust toward their ethno-racially similar subordinate. Originality/value This study draws on social identity theory and status characteristics theory to explain the contradictory processes and outcomes associated with dyadic ethno-racial similarity and suggests the conditions under which dyad racial similarity is connected with unfavorable outcomes. This framework helps to broaden the boundary conditions of relational demography to provide a more nuanced explanation of when and why minority leaders in demographically similar hierarchical dyads experience more relationship conflict, which ultimately diminishes trust.


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Interpersonal conflict, Interpersonal relations, Corporate culture, Group identity


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