Figure of Merit for and Identification of Sub-60 mV/Decade Devices


A figure of merit I₆₀ is proposed for sub-60 mV/decade devices as the highest current where the input characteristics exhibit a transition from sub- to super-60 mV/decade behavior. For sub-60 mV/decade devices to be competitive with metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect devices, I₆₀ has to be in the 1-10 μA/μm range. The best experimental tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs) in the literature only have an I₆₀ of 6 x 10⁻³ μA/μm but using theoretical simulations, we show that an I₆₀ of up to 10 μA/μm should be attainable. It is proven that the Schottky barrier FET (SBFET) has a 60 mV/decade subthreshold swing limit while combining a SBFET and a TFET does improve performance.



Lithium air batteries, Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors, Tunneling, Field-effect transistors, Ferroelectric devices


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Vandenberghe, William G., Anne S. Verhulst, Bart Soree, Wim Magnus, et al. 2013. "Figure of merit for and identification of sub-60 mV/decade devices." Applied Physics Letters 102(013510): .